How to Lose Fat Belly for Women

In the hustle bustle of life where fast food is become our daily bread and weight of our body is only facing highs and no falls. Everyone is worried about how to lose weight, the trend of the 21st century says one has to not only stay fit but also have abs.

But let us not push ourselves to the level of abs and focus on how to lose weight of the belly area, which is the troublesome for women.

Today’s women want to mainly reduce her belly fat to look thinner and tonner, but what do they exactly do for this? How to lose weight of your belly area easily without facing any complications?

Well if you are a women and looking for how to lose your belly fat easily then this article is the correct place you have reached to get some awesome tips about it!

We are here to guide you with some guaranteed natural remedies to lose your unwanted belly fat and burn some calories easily.

  1. Start your day with Green Tea– many are familiar with this remedy but yet they do not know the real benefits of having green tea.  Green tea consists of anti oxidants and substances which enables the person to boost their metabolism and reduce their belly fat. It also helps the person to avoid heart attacks and heart diseases. The level of anxiety and stress gets reduced automatically after starting your day with this, but one should make sure that they are having it empty stomach for them to have an effective start. All you have to replace your bed tea or coffee with green tea. It is herbal and helps a person to naturally reduce their weight.


  1. Sleep well – unusual remedy? Well many do not know but a young woman requires a sleep of around 6 to 8hrs a day and if she skips this sleeping time then she will develop a lot of stress hormones in her body and this may even lead to increase in cholesterol hormones. If you have regularity in sleep of about 6 to 8hrs then her metabolism stay equated and they the level of tummy remains the same.  So all the ladies out there instead of stressing yourself about this weight loss make sure you have the adequate amount of rest and if you fail to do so you are unknowingly pushing yourself to increase weight around your tummy area.


  1. Eat Dark chocolate– surprised? Shocked?  How can eating a dark chocolate will help you reduce your belly fat? It should help you gain weight right?  Well no! dark chocolate consists a lot of zinc which can act as your belly best friend and work in your favor. Zinc leads to increment of body hormone called ‘ leptin’ which is solely responsible for your body energy and fat storages as well as appetite. So you see without pushing yourself for any hard core things you can lose your belly fat much more easily. So instead of having the dairy sweet chocolates one can go for dark chocolates and not only enjoy the unique taste but also lose weight simultaneously.


Dark chocolates make your belly losing experience a little more flexible in comparison.

  1. Yoga– Yoga, a powerful weapon for one to lose your belly weight. Everyone is aware about yoga and how it contributes to losing weight but yoga is a slow and a long term remedy. One has to be very patient as well as consistent to reduce their belly fat area.

One can follow the following Asana’s for reducing belly fat-

  1. Kumbhakasana
  2. Pavanamukthasan
  3. Naukasana
  4. Dhanurasana
  5. Bhujang asana

Although they have a very slow action on the body the impact stays the longer and one won’t even feel exhausted while doing it. One must make sure they are empty stomach while performing these asana’s .

Doing this type of yoga’s after eating food may harm you.

  1. Aerobics – Every woman must try aerobics to lose weight before joining any gym. Aerobics is a very effective way to lose your belly fat. Aerobics is not as slow as yoga and is even impactful and you can even do it from your comfort zone of home.

One has to follow these simple aerobics exercise regularly for about 45 minutes to lose their belly fat-

  1. Circuit Training.
  2. Stair exercises.
  3. Skipping.
  4. Squats.
  5. Squat jumps.
  6. Dancing.
  1. Walking– A very must physical activity for a human body to stay fit is walking! One must make sure they spend at least 2hours on walking in their day. Walking is a very effective form of exercise to reduce your abdominal fat. People who walk faster tend to lose more weight than people who walk slowly. Fast walking not only boosts your metabolism and energy of body but also helps the person to reduce the anxiety and the stress level of body.

Morning walks and evening walks are more suggested to people to calm their stress level down and have a good amount of physical activity daily.

These tips are for the women who want to reduce their belly fat without gyming and performing much of cardio and hard core exercises, losing weight can be simple as well if one decides to calm them down and focus on simple things. Stressing yourself with hardcore exercises is no solution. Instead you might end up hurting yourself while exercising in gym. Balance your day and diet with these tips and you will be able to find your desired results soon! But there is a condition to it once must make sure they are following these tips regularly. If not then they will have an imbalance impact and it won’t be the desired one.

I hope the article turns out to be informative and productive for you and you burn all your belly fats and calories in speed with these tips.

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