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Exercises for Women Above 50 Years

Age is not something that should bother one if they want to look good or to stay fit. Age is just a number if one is enthusiastic about exercises and has the spirit to keep going then there are set of exercises they can still do.

Women’s body is different and they start aging after 30 the bones are comparatively weaker so they got to be a little more conscious about the set of exercises they do so that they be on the safer side and do not end up hurting themselves.

Now what do one should exactly do after 50 and which set of exercises should they go for in case they want to stay fit and slim.

In case you are a woman and searching for your set of exercises which are easy and can make you flexible again without any difficulty then here you go, this article will guide you have to go about exercises without hurting yourself, read more about this on prevention.


Start with a simple Aerobic exercise

  1. Jogging – one must start a warm up session of their exercising session with a little bit of jogging, as jogging is easy and you need not initially stress yourself for it and all you have to do is spend your at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of your morning in jogging.

Start your morning with jogging and make sure you are empty stomach. You can have warm water while jogging if you feel tired.

After a particular time you will feel the heat in your body and burn calories and even stay fit. If you feel that it is a little tough for you as a beginner then you can even engage in fast walking to build up that heat level in your body.

  1. Pushups – Exercising is a little difficult when a woman starts after the age of 50 as her bones are now tender and she has to be a little conscious.

And if she feel that pushups can be a little tough on her as the floor is harder then he/she can engage with a chair to use as a floor base and hold on to it to push herself with the help of it.

She can start with a set of 3 and make sure every set has at least 5 counts.

Take a minute of break in between of the sets in case you feel a little tired.

It will help you to work on your –

  1. Arms
  2. Back bone.

Pushups are for you to solve your all your back pain problems as it helps you to strengthen your back bone.

  1. OneLegged Squats  A very simple and effective way to do one legged squats, one has to use ball for exercise press it against the wall with your back and then lift your leg straight with your foot and make sure it is 6 inches higher than your floor.

And try to bend your left knee with your foot.

And then go back to your position and do the same with your right leg.

Repeat this exercise for about 5 times in a row as a beginner, one can even go for 2 sets of 5 counts at a time if you feel you are comfortable with it.

  1. Abs Cross Crawl – Lie down on your floor and keep your feet together, Bend your knees and lift your right hand in the air and keep the left stuck to your body and bend your left knee.

Do it for the left hand and right leg too! And repeat it 5 times and make sure you go at least 6 inches higher.

One can even go for 2 sets of 5 counts if they feel comfortable with this exercise.

  1. Chest Presses– A very easy and effective way to stay fit and make you arms and chest stronger is doing this exercise of chest presses.

It is not as hard as one thinks it is and one can even go for it without any trouble and you can even use a ball for it.

All you have to do is Sit on the ball and have dumbbells in both the hands and then lift your hand in the top high.

Step ahead with the feet forward and then pull back until your knees are bent and hands are lifted.

Make sure your hips are not touching the ball, make sure you do not use heavy weights and use weights as per as your level or else it will make your hands pain.

Do 10 reps at once and be very easy and relaxed while doing this exercise. You need not stress about it, it is easy and very comfortable.

  1. Dancing – one can even engage in dancing as a form of exercise cause it helps the person to relax your body and enjoy as well it is a full body exercise. Dancing is the best form of exercise and any age person can go for it. Make sure you are not into hard core dancing. Keep it simple and just enjoy yourself and the time limit of this exercise is decided by you.

But do not extend the time limit of 45 minutes.

So these were the exercises a woman above 50 can go for without any hesitations because they are safe and sound and will not hurt you

And you now no longer need to worry about your health and stay fit and if you still want to go for any simple exercise then you can even engage yourself in yoga and try to keep yourself fit.

Being fit is all about staying healthy and it helps you to cure all type of your body aches and diseases.

And even keep your body functions proper, so all the women out there please do go for it and stay fit.

I hope the article was informative and productive for you to transform your body to being healthy.


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