• Belly
    Simple Exercises to Burn Fat Belly

    Staying fit and staying trendy can work hand in hand and one can do it just be following some simple exercise routine, everyone must know that even though you do not want to reduce weight as such exercise should be a part of your routine to stay healthy and avoid any kind of sickness as […]

  • workout
    Home Workout for Men Without Equipment

    Everyone is so busy in their life in which they forget to maintain their health as they do not have much time to go to a gym and sweat for few hours and develop the abs. Although matching the trend of abs is not a compulsion but maintaining your body fitness should be. So one […]

  • Women
    How to Lose Fat Belly for Women

    In the hustle bustle of life where fast food is become our daily bread and weight of our body is only facing highs and no falls. Everyone is worried about how to lose weight, the trend of the 21st century says one has to not only stay fit but also have abs. But let us […]

  • Old age
    Exercises for Women Above 50 Years

    Age is not something that should bother one if they want to look good or to stay fit. Age is just a number if one is enthusiastic about exercises and has the spirit to keep going then there are set of exercises they can still do. Women’s body is different and they start aging after […]